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Pink is the new Black. 

Gobby [gob-eez]: Substantiv
1. A Pit Viper with a pink on blue splattered frame, white accents, and a pink mirror lens.

Usage examples:
“My girlfriend gave me some Gobbies for Christmas! How thoughtful!”
“Man, whoever invented Gobbies is a genius!”
“Hey, mate, did you see Pit Viper is selling Gobbies now?”
*spit take* “What the f-“
Gobbies! Fun for the whole family.


Aldri hørt om Pit Viper? Superenkel forskning viser at Pit Viper er solbrillene solbriller selv ville ha valgt, om solbriller kunne ha fått velge solbriller.


Eskens innhold

  • 1 Pair of Pit Vipers
  • 1 Pair of Reach-around™ Rubberized Earpieces
  • 1 Limpcloth™

Tall og sånn

  • UV Protection: 100%
  • Light Transmission: 11.5%
  • Lens: 1.2mm High Index Plastic
  • Look Thru Color: Blue

Pit Viper The Original The Gobby The Originals, Polarized

SKU: 850001561099
kr 999,00Pris
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